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TCM Doctor / Wellness Advisor

Date:11 Aug 2018
Location:China (other)
Salary:RMB10,000 - RMB20,000
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China (other)

It's a privately-owned company with over 12 years of experience in real estate development and management in China.

The holistic resort is a latest project in hospitality and medical tourism. The facility is fully-built and is one of the few accredited medical resorts in China.

Covering 120,000 square meters of land, the resor tfeatures top-end amenities including Medical Centre, Wellness Centre, Spa Centre, andHotel. All produce at the resort is fresh and responsibly grown on-site, and also have ourown free-range livestock raised on the property.

- To manage each guests’ wellness journey through the conduct of guest consultations and providing personalized wellness advice and therapies in accordance with guests needs and objectives.

- To encourage and motivate guests during their retreat to get the maximum health benefits throughout their stay and to guide them towards positive lifestyle changes. 

The Wellness Advisor has two main roles: 

i. Consultation/Advisor Role – through the arrival, follow up and departure consultations. 

ii. Practitioner – through the delivery of TCM therapies and diagnostics.


1. TCM Major with Medical Practice License ( 持有中医执业证书), should be at least attending level (主治医生级别); the Internal Medicine (中医内科)will be better;

2. If we can find someone at retirement age, that would be best;

3. Must have open mind with the wellness and the integration of Western & Chinese Medicine, even if majored in TCM.

4. Excellent interpersonal and clinical skills with the ability to inspire guests to a healthier living.


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